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Отправлено: 09 Января, 2009 - 22:40:17
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Dear friends, unfortunately, a free-of-charge period or in other words: " to test on demo ", " to check up your system " etc. etc., in this project is not stipulated, for the following reasons:

1. We aren`t children, simply to try earn from the man 100 dollars and not carry out the obligations, taken on... We are serious, and do that we promise...
2. This Project is not for huge amount of people, it`s "exclusive product ", not "mass"...
3. The so small payment will be only 2-3 months, as the advertising action , and then we shall proceed on job for percent(%) from the profit...
4. Even working 0.1 lot on the real money account, it only 100 pips, for one week, it`s not so much and is quite feasible...
5. It is possible self-confidently and not modestly, but I do not see a reason, to check this system , the people worked above for a long time and apply in the trade, offering simply to have an opportunity earn in the market for an only symbolical payment....

Good Luck!

skype: westlock.
точка в конце ника обязательна!!!
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